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Proposal from SSHRC

"SSHRC Transformation: Consultation Document for Scholarly Associations." Responses requested before March 15, 2004.

Download document: .doc or PDF

Message from Céline Beaudet, President, CATTW

To all members of CATTW,

Now available on our website is a document in .doc and PDF formats, providing information about the restructuring of SSHRC. I have highlighted the most pertinent issues for our Association.

The restructuring process is being carried out through a series of consultations with academic and research communities across Canada. Many of you will be having information sessions about this process on your own campuses. Universities and scholarly associations are being invited to express their views on the orientation and implementation of new policies.

Many issues of importance to the future of our Association are to be discussed. As the Association President, I will be preparing a written report on the views of our members concerning these issues. I will also be attending a meeting in Ottawa, at the end of March, where I will be reporting the results of the survey of our members.

I need your cooperation. I would appreciate answers to any questions you wish to address. I don’t expect an opinion on every question from each of you. I know how busy everybody is, but in order to have a good idea of the needs of the Association, I must have answers from as many of you as possible.

If you can download the .doc version without difficulty, I suggest you answer those questions directly in the document, using a different colour or font, and then e-mail the newly saved file as a .doc attachment back to me. Otherwise, please respond to relevant sections of the read-only PDF document and email your answers to me. My address is--

Please send your answers to me before March 15.

I would like to stress the importance of receiving as many answers as possible from you. We live in many places across the country and face different realities that should be reflected in our report.

I will be working on a synthesis with Natasha and Amanda. If anybody wants to help with the final content and the revision of our report to SSHRC, please let me know.

Céline Beaudet
President, CATTW

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