• Writing in Changing Communities—Communities Writing Change
  • Agendas, Visions, and Directions for the Study and Teaching of Writing

    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, May 27-29, 2007


    Welcome to the Web site of "Writing in Changing Communities—Communities Writing Change," a special international conference organized by Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (CATTW) in collaboration with our partners:




    "Writing in Changing Communities--Communities Writing Change " is a multidisciplinary international conference that examines recent changes in writing as a key knowledge-making practice across diverse academic, workplace, and public communities —changes that result from the recent shift toward a more digitally mediated globalizing knowledge society. These shifts include the increasingly critical role of writing as knowledge work, large-scale changes in writing practices as a result of emerging digital technologies (e.g., blogs, wikis, P2P networks, collaborative Web-based writing technologies), and new contexts and exigencies for writing as a result of globalization.

    Many of these shifts raise new questions for writing researchers and teachers about key writing concepts such as audience, authorial voice, genre, identity, and language, all of which call for systematic attention, reflection, and shaping of research agendas. The objectives of the conference therefore are to examine how writing practices have changed in the workplace, universities, and in public communities; what these changes mean for how writing is conceptualized and taught in higher education; and how research directions should be shaped for the study and teaching of writing in Canadian higher education and beyond.

    Join us from May 27-29, 2007, at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences to share, discuss, and reflect on recent changes in the study and teaching of writing in diverse academic, workplace, and public communities.


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