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Writing in the Knowledge Society

Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (CATTW)

York University , Toronto, Ontario, HNE 034
May 28 - 30, 2006

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Concluding Workshop

Concluding Workshop

The conference will conclude with a final collaborative session deliberating the results of the conference and their implications for policy. For this purpose, renowned new-literacy researchers Dr. Colin Lankshear and Dr. Michele Knobel will guide a research-based workshop on the use of collaborative media for shared knowledge production and application. We are grateful for the support for this workshop from our partners, including the support from the Programme of Aid for Interdisciplinary Sessions from the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS).

Using Wikis for Collaborative Transfer of Research into Policy for Writing in the Knowledge Society

Colin Lankshear, Professor of Literacy and New Technologies, James Cook University, Australia, & Michele Knobel, Associate Professor, Montclair State University (see Lankshear & Knobel)
Room HNE B02

Session Chair: Anthony Paré

This workshop will present a critical appraisal based on current theory and research of using new collaborative online technologies to produce, disseminate and apply knowledge for a range of economic, cultural and social purposes in diverse contexts and under a range of operating conditions (Wei et al 2005; Godwin-Jones 2003; Castells 2000). Particular attention will be paid to knowledge development based on the concept of the Semantic Web and the emerging Web 2.0 paradigm as an increasingly important developmental model for the Knowledge Society (Cope and Kalantzis 2004; Lessig 2004; Lankshear and Knobel 2003). Using this theoretically informed and research-based framework, workshop participants will begin the process of using a purpose built wiki to deliberate the policy implications of research presented at the conference for the study and teaching of writing in the context of the Knowledge Society.